Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Chunky White Sauce of the Demon Beast

This is fucking obnoxious

From the hellish maw of the Wasatch I strike at thee with the evil might of the white sauce of the Demon Beast. 
1 pound breast of the flightless fat bird
5 strips of the cheapest bacon
1 pound green trees
1 cup of Alfredo sauce
Garlic powder, pepper, salt to taste.
The Ritual
Get a pan
Put it on the burner
Cut bacon with scissors into pan
When bacon is done add chicken
When chicken is cooking add your spices
Add the trees. Broccoli. Whatever
Stir in Alfredo sauce and use the powers of hell to simmer.
Pour this alchemical mixture into the skulls of your enemies.
Makes two servings
Or four if you're weird.