Thursday, October 24, 2013

Abattoir Remains of the Elderbeast Bovinegoth

2 Pound chuck roast. Make sure it is fatty
Garlic Butter. Or garlic and butter.
Seasonings.  Salt and pepper is good.

A Mighty Dish of Mushrooms and Bacon:
A 12 oz package of mushrooms
Half a package of bacon
A couple handful of spinach.

Preheat oven to 280
Prepare the roast by adding seasonings,  topping with butter.
Cover with foil, roast for 4 hours.
When done, remove foil and broil for like 5 minutes.

A Mighty dish of mushrooms and bacon
Cut the bacon up a bit, but it in a hot pan.
When it starts to shrink a bit, add the mushrooms.
When the bacon is done and the mushrooms nearly so, throw your spinach into the fire. Sacrifice it to the gods of the Winterealm.
Saute until the spinach is done.

Serve, putting butter on top of the slices of the roast.
Trust me.